Scranton, Eastland County, Texas

Scranton, a town of about one hundred and fifty inhabitants, is situated in a thickly settled, agricultural community, which lies twelve miles southwest of Cisco, near the line of Callahan County.

The first man who settled in this locality was D. C. Lane, who came in 1875, and was followed by H. B. Lane, Mr. Huff, Aaron Brown, Uncle Joe Brown and Nat Hendrickson. These, together with Messrs. Sprawls, Ray, Gattis, Clement, Rutherford and many others, have made a progressive and substantial community.

School 1


In 188 Mr. Snoddy taught a school here. The interest in education has gradually increased until Scranton now boasts of an incorporated school district, and one of the best schools in the county. There is a commodious, two-story building, with a separate music room on the campus.


School 2

The Methodist and Baptist churches were organized here in 1893, the former by Rev. M. M. Smith, the latter by Rev. J. E. Kelly. Both churches have good buildings and are served at present by Rev. J. L. Malls, Methodist, and Rev. G. W. Parks, Baptist.

The Post Office was established in 1892, with Mr. Reydon as Postmaster. Mr. Reydon also put up the first gin in 188_. The present fine gin is owned by a stock company of farmers. J. M. Williamson of Cisco was the pioneer merchant. Among the present progressive business firms are: E. E. Chunn, dry goods, groceries and hardware; I. E. Cook & Bro., dry goods, and W. L. Gattis & Son, druggists.

Source: History of Eastland County, Texas, by Mrs. George Langston, A. D. Aldridge & Company, Dallas, Texas, 1904.