Other Churches

Other Churches of Eastland County, Texas


The Rising Star Cumberland Presbyterian Church was organized by Rev. D. A. Knox in July, 1885, with fourteen members.

Conspicuous in the early history of the church appear the names of L. M. Marshall, J. T. Winfield, H. W. Joyce, Maxwell brothers and Uncle George and Mila Wood. Services were held in the public school building and in the Methodist Church until 1893, when a house which is well situated in the northern part of town, was built. A comfortable manse is situated on the adjoining lots.

The church is well officered by a board of six elders and one deacon, and has a Sabbath school under the efficient management of Prof. G. C. Barnes. The contributions for the different enterprises for the year 1903 exceeded all amounts for previous years together. No public collections are taken.

The present pastor is Rev. Z. T. Blanton. Perfect harmony prevails and it is hoped that this body may occupy its place as a persistent factor in the spiritual uplifting of Rising Star and the surrounding country.

Sabanno Cumberland Presbyterian Church. This church was organized about 1886 by the Rev. D. A. Knox. For several years the congregation worshipped in the school house, holding its revival meetings under a brush arbor. In the summer of 1896 a house was built, and since then a tent has been provided for revivals, which are held annually.

C. C. Bullock is the present pastor, with Messrs. W. A. Erwin, B. F. Shell and J. S. Erwin elders and W. P. Porter and J. Robert Kincaid deacons.

Liberty Cumberland Presbyterian Church. This congregation was organized in 1898 with ten members as the result of a revival meeting conducted by the Rev. W. E. Green.

As a church organization would not be allowed to occupy the school house, Messrs. S. A. Fleming (Cumberland), Sam Webb (Baptist) and W. T. Boyd (Methodist) met and decided to build a union house for these denominations. This was done. Several revivals have been held, these demonizationís always cooperating. The Cumberland Presbyterian Church now has about forty members. Messrs. B. L. Marshall, Louis Marshall, G. B. Kelley, S. A. Flemings and John D. Walker are the present elders, with Rev. C. C. Bullock as pastor.

The Ranger Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Rev. J. A. Williams, pastor, is in a thriving condition, with a fine Sunday school and an active Woman's Foreign Missionary Society. The organization has its own church building.

In Cisco the Presbyterians have an excellent church building, well furnished.

The Disciples of Christ have several organizations and church buildings in the County. Rev. McKnight is the pastor of the Cisco congregation. R. C. Maddox is pastor of the congregation at Rising Star.

Mrs. Mc. D. Hunter is pastor of the Holiness Church at Rising Star.


Source: History of Eastland County, Texas, by Mrs. George Langston, A. D. Aldridge & Company, Dallas, Texas, 1904.